Report a repair

To report a repair, please download and fill in the form below:

Residents Repair Request Form


Repairs Tenants Responsibilities

  • Internal Doors – Adapting doors to accommodate carpets, draught excluders, fittings and fixtures on internal doors, burglar alarms.
  • Windows – Fittings and fixtures
  • Lost keys, Locks and Fobs- Replacing locks, keys and fobs.
  • Kitchen Unit Doors- Hanging off/hinges broken, handle on cupboard broken.
  • Skirting Boards, Fixing minor gaps between skirting boards and doors.
  • Curtain Rails- Installation
  • Any internal glazing
  • Electrical Fittings – broken by tenant
  • Damaged Socket Outlet Plate
  • Plugs and chains
  • Blockages to WC- Caused by tenant neglect
  • WC toilet pan, wash hand basin, bath- if broken by tenant
  • Toilet seat
  • Wall tiles- Splash back to sink, bath or basin
  • Floor tiles
  • Garage Doors- Keys lost
  • Plumbing in washing machines and dishwashers
  • Fitting TV aerial/satellite dishes (subject to Co/op approval).
  • Smart Meter installation (Co-op office must be informed in advance)
  • All repairs must be reported to the office and not directly to the maintenance man or caretakers.
  • Do not put large items down the rubbish chutes.
  • Installation of laminated flooring needs to be approved by the Co-op.

Any other items vandalised or broken by tenants or your visitor’s misuse. The Co-op will make safe but you will be re-charged and the amount added to your rent account.

Brent Council Repairs Responsibilities

  • The external structures of buildings, including brickwork, pointing, lintels, the external walls and their openings and all loadbearing, party and structural walls, but not minor repairs;
  • The roof structure and roof coverings, but not minor repairs to roof coverings;
  • The surface water and foul sewers, including gulley’s, access chambers and their coverings after the first chamber;
  • The water mains from the Water Board’s supply pipe or stopcock to the mains stopcock in or serving each dwelling;
  • The gas mains from the Gas Board’s main supply pipe or stopcock to the mains stopcock in or serving each dwelling;
  • Lifts, including motors, hoists, cables, doors, shafts and any associated plant or machinery;
  • Floors, including joists and floorboards;
  • The protection and removal of asbestos materials;
  • Firefighting or protection systems;
  • Pest control and disinfestation;
  • District Heating System.
  • Please note if you are intending to have any private works, carried out within your property. You are responsible for ensuring that you purchase visitor permits from Wing Parking. Contractors will not be able to park on the estate without a permit.
  • Wing Parking contact details 01582 434500 

Out of Hours Repairs

An emergency repairs service is available outside normal office hours.

To report a repair out of hours contact 0208 937 1234

Gas Safety Checks

Landlords are legally obliged (in accordance with Gas Safety Regulations 1998) to obtain a gas safety certificate (CP12) every twelve months. Therefore it is imperative that tenants co-operate with the Council in order for the (CP12) to be completed.

The contractor will be entitled to charge the Council for visits following evidence that they have arranged and made 3 unsuccessful visits. These charges will be recharged to the tenant.

Forced Entry

As a final mechanism to ensure the Council compliance with its statutory obligations, it will force entry to carry out a service. Every effort will be made to avoid this, through written correspondence and other appropriate methods of communication.

Please note if the Council have to apply to the courts for a warrant for forced entries. The tenant will be recharged £300.14 minimum, this could increase dependent on what locks are changed. The amount will be added to your rent account for recovery.

Download Repairs - Tenants Responsibilities